Nomo’s innovative Solar LED Light widely demanded by customers worldwide. Our wide range of series of Solar LED Light with latest technology and patented state of the art design are long lasting inspite of warranty periods given. Technology and Quality are Nomo’s strength, innovation is our capability and customer satisfaction is our asset.

Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.


NOMO’s exclusive iRobot series Solar LED Street Light is the unique innovation which comes with built-in automatic robotic cleaning for solar panels to reduce solar panel cleaning manpower. It can self clean the solar panel besides automatic cleaning it has remote monitoring (optional) through which you can sit relax and over the internet check light statistics, charging, working and force on/off as well as force clean other than scheduled time.


The Pallas Quad LED Solar Stand-Alone Street Lights Are Ideal For Residential And Commercial Lighting Solutions. NOMO’s PALLAS QUAD with 2 Motion sensor for wide range sensing 360 degree Solar LED Light is the unique in feature and European design is the best option for landscape lighting, parking lots, gardens and pathways.

Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.
Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.


Solar mounted triangular pole with extra efficiency to meet your requirement and elegantly designed.

NOMO’s HELIOS series Solar LED Light has different variants, Uniquely shaped form and well designed for Street Light Solar Mounted Poles. 

Single Arm and Double Arm, variety of lamp head can be choose like Philips etc specially our Hyperion series


The high mast was never been that smart before. NOMO’s 360 degree Astro series is fit to your street light, playing area, gardens and pathways requirements and have different variants for your lighting needs. The adjustable rotational panels can be best choice for setting up maximum sunlight absorption. A wireless network option allows you to sit relax wherever and control & Operate via internet, troubleshooting were never been so easy.

Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.
Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.


Beautiful name for beautiful thing!

NOMO’s SELENE is the very beautiful compact solar light with motion sensor for small streets, pathways, garden, factory, warehouse etc. This affordable and inexpensive slim, compact, light weight, elegant and beautiful designed solar lights will light up of your life. You can install it on a pole, can be wall mount and fit on extended arm, this triple action ways to install wherever you need.

Hyperion Series

NOMO’s Hyperion Series: Intellectually smart solar led street light created with the simplest and convenient installation formula ever. Our Hyperion is built to resist any tough environments. It can also be used for residential villas, garden, commercial, highways/expressways, urban areas, etc.

Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.
Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.

EOS Series

NOMO’s exclusive labour saving robotic self-cleaning solar street light, is specially created to offer a wide range of applications, especially in places where it seldom rains. Our solar street lights can self clean the dust or any other particles from the surface of the solar panel.

Mini Helios

Elegantly designed Mini Helios a Bollard Light, right for you. The aluminum alloy LED Solar Lawn Lamp is used for surrounding lighting facilities such as lawns or tree-lined paths. And soft lighting adds safety and beauty to the green landscape. The lawn lamp is easy to install and has strong decorativeness. It is often used in parks and gardens, villas, and squares.

Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.
Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.

Apollo Series

NOMO’s another two in one model to suit best for your project.

(Smart Integrated System)