Solar Energy Storage System

NOMO solar energy storage system has a module design. Each module is fully independent. That results in easy and quick maintenance. It’ scalable structure facilities both the increase in power and back –up time simple by combining PV modules and battery modules Widely used in household and industrial areas.

Best for Apartment, Houses, warehouses, factories. Use this for Residential and Industrial requirement. 

Nomo Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer.


Solar Energy storage (customized)



Rated voltage                                                                                            


Rated Energy                                                                                            


Battery Type                                                                                            

LIFEPO4 Battery

Battery configuration                                                                             

5.2KWH 5U Packs*3 Parallel                                                                                  

Battery operation Temperature Range @charging                           


Max charge voltage                                                                                


Rated charge voltage


Allowed MAX charge Current (Total)                                                  

80A (Max: 100A)

Output voltage                                                                                         


Output power                                                                                         

3KW/5KW (Customized)

Output frequency                                                                                     

50/60 Hz

Product features

  1. Modular design, if more power or back-up time are needed simply as many modules as needed
  2. Smart function and parameter setting via LCD button, easy management
  • Using premium quality components, which are checked applying advanced technology system
  1. Built in input and output breakers, prevent the risk of shutdown
  2. Inverter adopt pure sine wave AC output and within MPPT solar charge controller
  3. Rack cabinet with lockable front and back door for security Solar energy storehouse

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